About me

Remona. C. Concesso

I have spent more than two decades in various corporate industries like Manufacturing, networking and education.

I am an Author, a Life Coach, a Personality Development Trainer and an avid reader of anything interesting.  

Gifted with good listening and questioning skills, the ability to quickly bond with clients from different backgrounds, I have been able to inspire and motivate clients to achieve their goals

Being a self-believer, self-motivated and a person who believes in mindful living, has helped me in my own life. I believe in finding happiness and joy in everyday life. 

It is always the small things that matter and often get unnoticed. So, over the course of my personal and professional life I started helping friends and colleagues and those around me to help them achieve higher potential in their professional and personal lives. 

Found that my suggestion and tips were helping others, so I wrote a small book and published the same.

My experience in interacting and addressing the needs of the people with whom i interact has provided me an in-depth knowledge of culturally diverse people, values and behaviours, which in turn made it easier for me to help others.

I encourage my readers and clients, both young and old, to have a meaningful and happy life, be self-motivated and live a fulfilled life. I believe in…….

“Living life rather than just existing”.