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This is a small handbook on how to live a happy and contented life. 

I have shared the ways and techniques that I have followed/practiced in my own life and would like each person reading this book also to benefit. 

Live Life, Don’t Just Exist! 

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My book reviews....

A Small Handbook On Living Life — with stronger Life sense. Kindling nuance of day-to-day walks, which we had missed / forgot in daily way of life.
Made a pause on mad chase, to take course correction, to understand the journey, with smile and mindfulness, by tuning both body and mind.
The book is a cognitive embodiment of way of life. Really depicts your thought process and your lifestyle. Masterstroke in a maiden attempt by Ms. Remona……..

Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading your handbook on ‘Living Life’…….. it is such a wonderful read. Every chapter has a beautiful message filled with wise & lovely words. 

I found the ‘Positive & Negative Energy’ chapter the most interesting as it made me think more about the power of what positive energy can do for you.

I keep your handbook with me in my handbag so I can refer to it whenever I need some motivation and reassurance. 

Thank you for creating such a lovely book … it is treasured.

Mrs. Angella Marshall

The book ‘A Small Handbook on Living Life’ really talks about the simple ways to live life by cherishing every moment. It is very practical for life which can be followed by every single person.

Mrs. Thangam Thomas

If you ever gotta read a book on Living Life but don’t have time to do even that much, then Remona C. Concesso’s A Small Handbook On Living Life is the one for you. 

Divided into nine very small chapters, the book gives you basic lessons on how you can improve the quality of your life and live a happy and contended one. These techniques may not be something new, and they definitely may not be something you haven’t thought of yourself, but they are definitely what Concesso herself has tried and found to work. 

Concesso’s (and even my own) belief is to live life and not just exist in this three-dimensional phase. That is why, reading this book is very important. It teaches one what one can and cannot do. It teaches one how to lead a happy and easy life. And that too, in so short a number of pages. You’ll be done with the book before you know it, and even then be grateful to the author for penning down these words.

So my advice? Go pick it up and try these things for your own self!

Ms. Ritika Chhabra