Learning to Have a Critic….

In our life, it is good to have a just critic, it could be a friend or a family member. Someone who can tell us exactly how we look or how our actions look. Only then can we make the necessary changes to have a better life or relationships.

But, too often we are surrounded by people who flatter us and tell us things just to be on the good books with us. They don’t mean what they say, and they don’t say what they mean. This is not good for our well-being. In fact, in some cases, people around us tend to be like that because, we as individuals are not willing to accept suggestions or corrections, good advice, or opinions from others.

There are few others who will always be against anything that we do or say. If they don’t like anything, then even others should not like it. These people you should be careful about, because we do not know if their intentions are good.

Children are fortunate to have good parents, elders, teachers, who guide them and help them to improve. If the children take the advice in a positive manner, they have much to gain, but if they detest, protest, or dislike being told things, they have much to lose.

When someone gives you their opinion, learn to take it gracefully. Try to understand why they said what they said, and make the necessary changes for improvement.

Constructive criticism is always good.

Ways to Love yourself every day….

1. Start and end your day with gratitude.

2. Take time to meditate or remain in silence for a specific amount of time during the day.

3. Don’t allow negative energy people to influence you.

4. Eat healthy, drink a lot of water, breathe in the fresh air, and exercise daily.

5. Open your heart and let your intuition guide you.

6. Work on your emotional, physical, and spiritual development.

7. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I LOVE YOU”

Winner’s Edge….

The key to attaining success in life is attitude.

The most important thing is being honest with yourself. To do this here are a few points to follow :

1. Assume responsibility for your actions:

There is a saying that “You reap what You sow”. The meaning is, your rewards depend on the contributions you make or the actions you take. You yourself must take the credit or the blame for your place in life. Responsible people take ownership of their current situation and make necessary changes to get back on their feet and out of adversity. Whereas those who keep blaming the world or the society etc for the situation, never try to change their situation.

Each of you has the option to alter your destiny, all you must do is have the courage and take responsibility for your life.

2. Find your own gifts and follow your own goals:

No matter what happens in life, always remember to be true to yourself. Always live according to your own deepest convictions and abilities, dare to be different, while respecting the rights of others.

You should take time to find out what you are “good at”, your skills and abilities, and try to do something productive with those skills that you are passionate about. You should have self-discipline, goal-setting, and consistency in whatever you do in life.

3. Don’t escape – adapt:

The key to success, to mental health and physical health, is adaptability. Under pressure, many of you tend to give up, become depressed, lose your excitement about life. Many turn to drinking and smoking etc to cope with the pressure. But these are only temporary solutions, which can cause more harm than good for you and those around you. One of the best ways to deal with the pressures in life is to accept them and see what you can do to handle them. Adversities and failures in life are stepping stones to success if you look at them as corrective feedback.

In developing the right attitude for success, you can take responsibility for your life, make use of your gifts and talents, and use them for developing yourself and also have a positive impact or contribution to society.

Losers let life happen to them; winners make it happen.

Living Life with Gratitude….

Living life with gratitude is something that everyone should try to follow. Being grateful always brings down a blessing. Gratitude for the little things in life is how we can have a fulfilled life. There are many things that we can be grateful for. Few examples, that we are able to wake up every morning to a brand-new day, for our good health, for a roof over our head, for our family, for the food we eat, for the education we received, for all our senses, for the air we breathe, for the nature that surrounds us. There are those who do not have a few of the things listed above.

I can go on with many things…. Those who have not yet had the chance to read my book “A Small Handbook on Living Life” can do so, I have written a small chapter on Gratitude.

The more grateful we become; we can view life from a different perspective. We can find joy in the things that surround us.


  1. Confident people ask for help when they need it. They have no problem with not knowing everything.
  2. Confident people are not afraid to be wrong. They look at their mistakes as a learning process.
  3. Confident people find their happiness within themselves. They can find joy in what they accomplish.
  4. Confident people don’t need attention. They know who they are and that they are worthwhile.
  5. Confident people are ready to take risks.
  6. Confident people celebrate the success of others, they believe that “When you know who you are and like who you are, it’s easy to praise others who achieve something great”.
  7. Confident people do not judge others.
  8. Confident people speak with confidence.
  9. Confident people have nothing to prove to anyone.
  10. Confident people can say “no”. Never saying “no” means others are in control of you, and there will never be a growth of self-confidence.