Life coaching

As a coach, I listen to clients and help them make necessary changes in their lives and guide them to have a fulfilled life.

Through my coaching I help my clients identify the resources and skills that they already have and guide them to change their life from their present state to the desired state.

In life we have many questions and at times we feel we even know all the answers,
but sometimes we feel stuck and are unable to implement few things in our life.
Those are the times when we look for someone who can understand our current
situation and guide us with clarity in a non-judgmental manner.

These are the situations where, as a Life Coach, I can help you view life from a
different perspective and make progress in your life.

Currently I do one-on-one coaching for few of my clients.

Few of the areas that I work with clients are as follows:

  1. Improve their confidence by improving their communication skills
  2. Mindful Living
  3. Positive Outlook on Life
  4. Personality Development

I have also worked in the Corporate Industry for nearly 2 decades and hence I understand the pressures and stress that people go through.

Through experience I have gained excellent listening and questioning skills, the ability to quickly bond with clients from different backgrounds, the ability to inspire and motivate clients to achieve their goals.

I am a self-motivated person and with my experiences, I feel equipped to help clients achieve higher potential in their professional and personal life.

I believe in “Living life rather than just existing”.                  

Focus on yourself and your purpose in Life, stay happy and healthy and do what needs to be done to change and have a fulfilled life.

Get in touch with me if you need Coaching/guidance.

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Feedback / Testimonials from clients

I am one of those who are sceptical about books & courses that can motivate or make people do better but after a prolonged consideration opted for a short course on “mindfulness” with Ms. Remona.

To my pleasant surprise, it has started to make a difference, I still have a way to go but it’s nice to have got going. There’s no debate that this requires personal will. If you have the will she will show you the way.

Ms. Remona deserves credit for her immense patience and her effort that is very earnest. 


I am grateful for the support, knowledge, experience she brings along as a Life Coach. It has been very effective to form new tools, strategies, insights, action plan. I found applying them in current situation was good. She is a versatile Life Coach, could focus in particular area such as executive coach, relationship coach and so on. One particular thing which stands out for me is her sound concepts, theory on which she stands, she takes special care to build it up slowly, gently. She has got emotional intelligence, which is key for a Life Coach.

I am sure she has something to offer for everyone and everything for some as a Coach. I can keep adding, my experience in constrained with words.

Her works speak for herself, literally she has got the skills as speaker (public speaking, one to one conversation or small group), Author (books, blogs), Trainer, Life Coach etc.