A Day-24 hours-1440 minutes

Sometimes we hear the words “Time is money”.

Imagine what life would be like if we thought about our time here in terms of money. Imagine being given 1440 in cash every single day to spend on whatever you want. However, at the end of each day, you completely lose whatever portion of the money you did not use, and you cannot return/exchange any of your purchases.

Take heart, you will be given another 1440 the next day, and this goes on every day as long as you live. How do you spend your money? Would knowing that you would lose the unspent portion of your daily income make any difference? How so?

Every single day has 1440 minutes, which we are given to use as we please. However, as the clock strikes 12.00 a.m a new day begins, and we are given another 1440 minutes, but the balance from the previous day is completely gone, never to be used again.

How do you spend your 1440 minutes every single day? What do you have to show for the time spent?

Is it countless hours spent in front of the television, or is it spent learning something new?

Is it time spent being angry and unforgiving or is it spent in loving and caring for others?

Is it time spent only with office work or is it a balance between work and family time with loved ones, spent talking, laughing, and growing together?

The intent of this is to encourage everyone to appreciate, that our days here on earth quickly pass by and to understand the importance of learning to appreciate and value every single minute. Every minute counts, so try to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

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