Fear-The enemy within

Fear is something that cripples our decision making and most of the time accounts for the wrong decisions we make, which we later regret. When fear interferes with our everyday life and work, there is nothing much that we can do, but to just wait till you get over it. If you let fear control or rule your life, it can seriously hamper your job and life and make you feel insecure most of the time. And this can also effect your relationships with others.

Learning to master your fear can help you weather negative feelings and hard situations.

Talk it out : When you are apprehensive or fearful about something it is best to consult a person who understands your situation. Someone whom you have confidence in, someone you feel free to share all your fears, even if they seem embarrassing or sensitive. Common sense tends to take a back seat when we are fearful, so getting to see the situation from a different or a new point of view will help you zero in on the problem and find a solution that works best for you given the specific situation.

Taking risks : Most people are afraid of taking risks. This is because they prefer to always feel secure. We live in a world where sometimes you can achieve things only if you take some risk.

So, we must try to have a healthy attitude towards risk taking or else it can act as a deterrent to success. You should learn to take the consequences in your stride, also remember to go by what your gut feeling says.

But always remember not to do anything in haste.

Strange places, unfamiliar company : Sometimes fear can be the result of moving from the familiar to the strange. Change may bring with it fear and insecurity. If you are being shifted to a new department or you are transferred to a new location, overcoming your apprehensions by trying to learn more about the place or the people before transition does help.

It is normal to experience fear when you are entering a new atmosphere or place, just be patient and you will adjust soon enough.

In the current COVID 19 situation around the world, people have been forced to work from home, because of health and safety reasons. Initially most of you would have found it difficult or uncomfortable, but as the days and months have gone by, we have got used to it.

Most schools had to change their mode of education to online classes, which students have also got used to now.

Managing fear is essential in an age and time period, when uncertainty is around and businesses are unstable.

Knowing how to manage your fears will help you perform better and feel better too.

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