Learning to Have a Critic….

In our life, it is good to have a just critic, it could be a friend or a family member. Someone who can tell us exactly how we look or how our actions look. Only then can we make the necessary changes to have a better life or relationships.

But, too often we are surrounded by people who flatter us and tell us things just to be on the good books with us. They don’t mean what they say, and they don’t say what they mean. This is not good for our well-being. In fact, in some cases, people around us tend to be like that because, we as individuals are not willing to accept suggestions or corrections, good advice, or opinions from others.

There are few others who will always be against anything that we do or say. If they don’t like anything, then even others should not like it. These people you should be careful about, because we do not know if their intentions are good.

Children are fortunate to have good parents, elders, teachers, who guide them and help them to improve. If the children take the advice in a positive manner, they have much to gain, but if they detest, protest, or dislike being told things, they have much to lose.

When someone gives you their opinion, learn to take it gracefully. Try to understand why they said what they said, and make the necessary changes for improvement.

Constructive criticism is always good.

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