Benefits of Sunlight…

For your skin and body :

When natural sunlight hits the skin it triggers the body’s production of vitamin D. Vitamin D is also known as “the sunshine vitamin.” It is a crucial ingredient for overall health; protects against inflammation, lowers high blood pressure, helps muscles, improves brain function and may even protect against cancer.

Weak bones, lack of calcium and various skin and hair issues are triggered by Vitamin D deficiency. Morning sunlight especially before 8.00 a.m has a lots of health benefits.

Start your day with a little bit of sunshine and utilise what nature provides.

For good eyesight :

This is my own life experience and how I was benefited. I had problem with my eyesight as a kid and had to wear spectacles and go to school. Felt embarrassed wearing them, cause children used to make fun. Came home one day and cried and told my mother I don’t like to wear the spectacles to school, she suggested the following exercise, which I followed without fail and till date after all these years it has still helped me.

Morning when I woke up, she had asked me to sit outside in the yard, facing the early morning sunlight i.e. before 8.00 am and do the following :

Close eyes and keep doing breathing exercise for 5 minutes and relax, then open eyes and look at nature, greenery, plants around for 5 minutes. Then again close eyes and keep doing breathing exercise and 5 minutes, then open eyes and look at nature, greenery, plants around for 5 minutes. Duration of this exercise was 20 minutes. I had done this for few months and till date I do not have to wear spectacles. Thanks to my mother for her suggestion.

I have been sharing this to all those whom I have come across who have problems with the power in one or both eyes. Try this exercise and ensure that you eat healthy foods too.

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