Winner’s Edge….

The key to attaining success in life is attitude.

The most important thing is being honest with yourself. To do this here are a few points to follow :

1. Assume responsibility for your actions:

There is a saying that “You reap what You sow”. The meaning is, your rewards depend on the contributions you make or the actions you take. You yourself must take the credit or the blame for your place in life. Responsible people take ownership of their current situation and make necessary changes to get back on their feet and out of adversity. Whereas those who keep blaming the world or the society etc for the situation, never try to change their situation.

Each of you has the option to alter your destiny, all you must do is have the courage and take responsibility for your life.

2. Find your own gifts and follow your own goals:

No matter what happens in life, always remember to be true to yourself. Always live according to your own deepest convictions and abilities, dare to be different, while respecting the rights of others.

You should take time to find out what you are “good at”, your skills and abilities, and try to do something productive with those skills that you are passionate about. You should have self-discipline, goal-setting, and consistency in whatever you do in life.

3. Don’t escape – adapt:

The key to success, to mental health and physical health, is adaptability. Under pressure, many of you tend to give up, become depressed, lose your excitement about life. Many turn to drinking and smoking etc to cope with the pressure. But these are only temporary solutions, which can cause more harm than good for you and those around you. One of the best ways to deal with the pressures in life is to accept them and see what you can do to handle them. Adversities and failures in life are stepping stones to success if you look at them as corrective feedback.

In developing the right attitude for success, you can take responsibility for your life, make use of your gifts and talents, and use them for developing yourself and also have a positive impact or contribution to society.

Losers let life happen to them; winners make it happen.

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